【Lunch】 Hokkaido Tokachi Shiboro Town Shigero beef Schlussko & Salad Bar buffet lunch

3800 yen

Amount will be tax excl. Price

All-you-can-eat time 90 minutes Shihoro-cho Shiorho cow can enjoy the luxury course!


"Schlesco menu"

11 kinds

◆ Shioro beef shoulder loin

◆ Shiorho beef Syntama

◆ Beef turf

◆ pork

◆ Pork shoulder loin

◆ Bone chicken

◆ chicken hearts

◆ Lamb

◆ sausage

◆ Onion

◆ Grilled pineapple

"Salad buffet"

We offer about 20 kinds.◆ salad

◆ a la carte

◆ dessert

All you can eat is 3800 yen !!

Coffee and soft drinks are all you can drink.